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Makers gotta make!

From wall to.....

It all started with an idea of making unique wall paneling for my front entryway. The creation of these panels captured my imagination and from there the ideas for fashionable, and practical, applications started flowing.  Now I’m electrifying fashion!
I use high voltage electricity, wood panels, reclaimed leather, and fabric to create unique handmade purses, upcycled vintage handbags, wine & champagne gift boxes, 6-pack beverage carriers, charcuterie boards, cheese sets, sketch pads, journals, and other usable items. Each demonstrates that following the path of least resistance can often be beautiful and unique, as the path the electricity takes will never be the same twice. I also believe my work echoes Nietzsche’s quote “That which does not kill us makes us stronger" as people that survive lightning strikes often have markings on their skin similar to the images in my wood. I admire the strength that people have to survive such extraordinary events.
Making items that can be used, admired, and enjoyed daily is essential to my work. Accessibility is also key. I hope that patrons find a piece that speaks to their own uniqueness and their budget!
10% of my sale proceeds go to Blue Skies for Children, to support their mission of providing art enrichment programs for underprivileged children. Each customer’s purchase helps to fulfill that mission. Thank you for your consideration.

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