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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Do you use a wood burning tool or a pyrography pen?
A- No, I use 4000 volts of electricity.
Q- Will you demonstrate in public?
A- No, it's too dangerous.
Q- Do you draw the pattern onto the wood first?
A- No, it's totally random, based on the path of least resistance in the wood.
Q- Have you ever electrocuted yourself?
A- No, if I had, I'd be dead. ~13 amps is no joke!
Q- How did you discover this process?
A- I was looking for a unique wall paneling technique, for the entryway of my house. I had decided on Birch limb slices. I was on YouTube looking up the way to affix it to the wall, when Lichtenberg figures came up, as a recommended video. As soon as I saw it I knew that's what I wanted to do! I found the plans, for making the device, on the Internet. Then my hubby made me what we affectionately call the “Death Box”. I started off making 12 by 12" panels. I woke up in the middle of the night, one night, and thought, "I could make myself a purse." So, I did. Then people started stopping me on the street asking me where I got it, and after hearing that I made it, asking me if I sold them. As my day-job is extremely left-brained, and I needed a creative outlet, to help keep me balanced, I was looking for a hobby job.
Q- Why aren't you a full time artist?
A- If I were a full time artist, it would be more like work, and less like creativity. My day job allows me to be able to afford to be a hobby artist.
Q- Can you add a panel to a bag I already own?
A- Maybe. Email me some pictures,
Q- Do you make furniture?
A- Yes, generally on commission. The closest thing to furniture, in what I regularly make, is mirrors.

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