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Round Cheeseboard set with 3 tools

Round Cheeseboard set with 3 tools

One of a kind cheese serving board, with 4 utensils. Food safe. Electrified bamboo.

* 7" round
* Food safe finish

Your friends will have nothing like it, but will be asking for your source! Also check out my other listings for distinctive handmade purses, upcycled handbags, 6 and 4 pack beverage carriers, wine gift boxes/original art, and wall paneling.

Lightning Tree Designs are created using high voltage electricity, showing that following the path of least resistance can often be beautiful. Each piece is unique as the electricity never takes the same path twice. The designs evoke Nietzsche’s quote “That which does not kill us makes us stronger" as people that survive lightning strikes often have markings on their skin similar to the images in the wood. View the electrification process at

Everyone should have the chance to be creative. As funding for arts education is becoming scarcer, and homeless, low-income, and foster children have even less opportunities, I am committed to donating 10% of my proceeds to a local charity, to support their mission of providing enrichment programs to underprivileged children.

Order will be shipped 1-2 days from purchase date. If giving as a gift, and shipping directly to the recipient, please include a gift message. To be kind to the environment, I use recycled packaging.

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